Battery Slurry Mixing
The intelligent slurry mixing production system specifically designed by ONGOAL for the battery industry is composed of a raw material dosing system, a slurry mixing system and a dispersion and transfer system, including the storage, metering, conveying, mixing and dispersion of raw materials (powder, slurry and solvent) and slurry conveying. Among them, the slurry mixing system can provide three kinds of different slurry mixing process equipment, including dual planetary slurry mixer, high efficiency slurry mixing system and twin-screw slurry mixing system, to meet the production needs of different processes.
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Battery Materials
We provide many upstream and downstream enterprises of power batteries with fully automated material production lines for feeding, metering and dosing, sintering, crushing, washing and wrapping, screening and packing of cathode and anode electrode materials. We create greater value for customers with exclusive solutions.
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Fine Chemicals
Chemical industry often faces materials with different characteristics. We design specific mixing, blending, conveying and dosing optimisation for each project, and carry out professional safety inspections to meet the production needs of chemical companies.
Food & Medicine
We consider the clean, convenient and safe production from the whole process of unpacking and feeding, storage and arch breaking, pneumatic conveying, metering and dosing to mixing and stirring, and provide customers with a complete set of one-stop solutions for food-grade raw material handling.
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Battery Recycling
For different battery recycling processes such as pack and module dismantling, cell and electrodes crushing and dismantling, black powder wet metallurgy and pCAM production, ONGOAL can provide customers with the corresponding equipment, production lines and intelligent management control systems.
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One-Stop Solution
As a leading material processing system solution provider, ONGOAL integrates the whole processes of feeding, storage, conveying, mixing, batching, grinding, drying, dust collection, assembly, packing, control and accessories. We provide customers with one-stop solution and turnkey project from plant planning, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.
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