Fully Automatic Big Bag Unpacking Machine
Product Features
Enhanced product quality by preventing bag shreds from contaminating the materials
High unpacking efficiency, achieving a speed of 15-18 bags per hour, thereby increasing production capacity
No dust leakage with an overall negative pressure chamber and multiple dust collection points, ensuring high operational safety
Low material loss with a flexible bag shaking structure, enhancing material utilization efficiency
Full automation reduces labor costs and addresses personnel safety concerns
Product Introduction
To achieve rapid bag breaking and forced discharging, a powerful kneading device is used to forcefully discharge the material from the big bag, followed by the combined action of strong lifting and bag shaking to ensure stable and rapid discharging of the material.
The system features separate functions for dust removal, dust collection, and waste bag recycle. Waste bags are processed through a multi-stage bag squeezing mechanism to ensure effective squeezing to address waste bag recycle and dust flowing issues.
Bag recycle mechanism utilizes a rod-type structure to push and align the bags, preventing bag detachment and achieving automatic recycle of waste bags
The mobile mechanism adopts synchronous wheel synchronous belt transmission and is designed with transmission protective covers and an integrated bottom material receiving tray structure to prevent fasteners from falling and reduce the generation of magnetic foreign objects.
The fully automatic big bag grabbing mechanism adopts a double floating hook design, which grips the lateral encircling strap of the big bag. It adapts to the variations in the big bag's side using the floating hooks and features self-detection and self-alignment functions, ensuring stable gripping of the big bag.
Product specifications
Fully Automatic Big Bag Unpacking Machine
Product Model LQZCD1000    
Feeding Method Roller conveyor automatic conveying    
Dimensions (L×W×H mm) 4991×3862×4060    
Unpacking Speed (bags/hour) 15-18(500kg)/ 10-12(1T)    
Motor Energy Efficiency Grade IE4    
Total Weight (Tons) 5.5    
Compatible Big Bag Sizes (mm)



Noise Level (dB) <80 (1 meter away from the main unit)    
Installed Total Power (kW) 5.2 /8.5(excluding/including separate dust removal)    
Dust Removal Method Overall negative pressure chamber, multiple dust collection points    
Material Residue

1‰ (For packaged materials ≥500KG, if bag is less than 500KG, accuracy is 500g)

Main Frame Material

Standard: Carbon Steel Spray Paint + Non-metal Glass

Optional: Stainless Steel + Non-metal Glass

Materials in Direct Contact with Raw Material 304 Stainless Steel + 0.3mm ETFE Coating on Parts in contact with raw material        
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