Rod-pin Sand Mill
SHB series rod-pin sand mill is a professional grinding equipment developed by ONGOAL for battery materials. It adopts rod-pin structure with high energy density, fully automatic dosing system to ensure continuous production of grinding, providing continuously high efficiency nano grinding.
Product Features
High efficiency grinding: high power, rod-pin structure and high energy density
Reliable seal: ceramic-alloy dynamic-static combination double-end mechanical seal
Anti magnetic foreign object: metal foreign body isolation protection through fully encapsulated rotor and fully ceramic barrel
Smart control: each processing step is controlled by the system without manual intervention
Safety interlock: automatically monitor and interlock for grinding temperature, flow rate, pressure, and other operating data to realize automatic protection
Product Introduction
With professional fluid-solid coupling analysis and simulation, we design the reasonable bar pin layout to form axial and radial flow gradients in the cavity, so that the medium is fully and uniformly ground.
The screen adopts a wedge-shaped structure and extends into the first stage rotor, which facilitates the smooth passage of slurry and increases the filtering area. Ultrasonic self-cleaning system prevents the screen from clogging.
The rotor completely wrapped in polyurethane, with hyper abrasion resistance, oil resistance, and aging resistance to extend the lifespan of grinding balls and eliminate the generation of metal foreign bodies.
The shell adopts multi-layers of composite cavity jacket structure, which includes ceramic layer, sandwich layer and outer layer. The cooling cavity is outfitted with inflow grooves and heat dissipation strips to enhance cooling efficiency and expand heat dissipation area to ensure continuous operation.
For the process recipe and production requirements, system or equipment can realize (remote/near) auto-touch start, process data monitoring, safety and fool-proofing, process traceability, production data storage, etc.
Product specifications
Rod-pin Sand Mill
     Effective volume
     Motor power
     Applicable grinding media
     Production efficiency 
     In development
    In development
     Net weight
     In development
     Coarse grinding grain size
     Fine grinding grain size


     Note: The data sheet is for reference only and changes with product updates.


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