Dual Planetary Slurry Mixing Solution For Battery
The intelligent homogenization production system specifically designed by ONGOAL for the battery industry is composed of a raw material dosing system, a pulping system and a dispersion and transfer system, including the storage, metering, conveying, stirring and dispersion of raw materials (powder, slurry and solvent) and pulp conveying. Among them, the pulping system can provide three kinds of different pulping process equipment, including dual planetary slurry mixer, high efficiency pulping system and twin-screw slurry system, to meet the production needs of different processes.
Solution Features
Metal-free and dust-free production
Precise dosing and conveying
Stable mixing and high quality slurry
On-line viscosity test with patented defoaming technology
Automated production and data traceable
Visual management and system monitoring
Core Equipment
Customer Stories
A well-known group lithium battery company engineering case in Henan
Henan ** new energy co., LTD. is specialized in high-performance chargeable battery materials R&D, production and sales, and it is deputy director of China chemical and physical power industry association with state-level enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research station, provincial efficient chargeable battery materials engineering technology research center, and other high level research and development platform.
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