Ploughshare Mixer
Ploughshare mixer is mainly used for high-efficiency mixing of powder. The stirring shaft is fixed on the horizontal drive shaft by a bracket and rotates along the wall to make the materials diffuse and shear with each other and achieve better mixing efficiency.
Product Features
Higher efficiency to achieve better mixing uniformity with shorter time
Lower energy consumption
Low speed mixing, small rise in temperature
low vibration and low noise & no material leakage
Mixing in batches to ensure the consistency of materials
Intelligent control to reduce manual intervention
Product Introduction
Colters are 90° & circumferential designed, gap between colter and wall is 4-7mm, which greatly improves the mixing uniformity.
Interlocking ceramic sheet + high-strength adhesive bond to achieve longer service life.
Improve sealing structure of shaft seal, discharge plate and colter parts to eliminate leaking risk of dust during operation.
During operation, Max. vibration value 2.5mm/s is far lower than the required value (11.2mm / s) and Max. noise value 83db is lower than the required value of 85dB.
Improve sealing structure of shaft seal and colter parts for convenient maintenance by pulling out parts at one time.
Product specifications
Ploughshare Mixer

     Main Motor Power 


     Spindle Output Speed 


     Flying knife motor power 





     2000L      55      107
     3000L      75      107
     4800L      132      90
     6000L      160      83


     Note: The motor power needs to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material

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