R&D Concept
Market Demand Oriented
Based on industrial development and market demand, we predict the market prospect of the developed technology to ensure keeping up with market.
Based on Experimental Data
Continuously accumulate various experimental data on material characteristics to form a complete database, which provides the basis for improving the rationality and specific design of the process.
Refer to Theoretical Calculation
On the basis of material characteristic data, theoretical calculation is carried out according to the required process purpose to form a theoretical model and deduce it, providing reference for process design.
Based On practice
The theoretical model is verified by actual operation data. Based on the verification, the theoretical model is constantly revised to obtain more accurate and practical design basis.
Take Modular Design as the principle
Pursue the standardization of process and equipment during design, realize different combinations of standardized modules, and form process packages that meet customer needs to improve design efficiency, improve quality and reduce costs.
Driven By Technological innovation
Constantly innovation around market and customer needs, , focusing on absorption and improvement, supplemented by innovation, to achieve technological breakthroughs.
Active R&D
As an important part of ONGOAL R&D center, the Active R&D Team provides equipment joint R&D and development services such as upgrading and transforming of production line according to customers’ requirement.
Supportive R&D
At every project design stage, the Supportive R&D Team considers and carries out related R&D, transformation, upgrading of production equipment according to actual project layout, process conditions, materials and pain points of production, etc.
Quality Control
The barcode of every equipment is unique and traceable. The records are permanently saved at ONGOAL as the basis of after-sales service.
R&D Process
Initial Communication
On-site Investigation
Project Modeling & Review
Design Revision & Frozen
Trial Production
Information Improvement
Product Structure Optimization
Technical Support
Production Base
01 Zhuzhou Production Base
02 Dongguan Production Base
03 Wuxi Production Base