Automatic Small Bag Unpacking Machine
The small bag unpacking machine is mainly used for the automatic unpacking of small bags of materials weighing around 25kg, enabling automatic and continuous production. It boasts advantages such as low residue rate, no dust overflow, and efficient operation, making it suitable for batch automatic unpacking and unloading requirements in various industries.
Product Features
Each step can run automatically through control programs, requiring minimal manual intervention
Clean Production: The main frame and all product contact parts are made of stainless steel Multifunctional Configuration: Can be equipped with various front-end and back-end systems.
Low Residue Rate: Specifically designed cutting blades and compressed air blowing bag functions
Dust-Free and Environmentally Friendly: Internal micro-negative pressure prevents dust overflow
Fully Sealed Unpacking: Isolation of the internal space of the unpacking machine from the external space
Fully Automatic Operation: Significantly reduces manual and operational costs in the production process
Product Introduction
The bag-grabbing mechanism uses spider claws in combination with a pulse inflation device to micro-shape the packing bag, reducing material residue rates. It can adapt to various types of bags, such as vacuum inner bags, woven outer bags, double-layer structured bags, etc., making it more versatile
The dust removal system forms a micro-negative pressure in the internal space of the equipment, preventing dust overflow. An additional reverse blowing device is installed internally to improve material utilization.
The spiral bag extruding mechanism adopts a shaftless spiral extrusion design to avoid bag jamming and blockage during the extrusion process, facilitating waste bag collection.
The discharge device is designed with a bidirectional spiral structure, greatly increasing the material discharge rate.
The bag-breaking device uses a single blade to cut the bag, reducing contamination from bag fragments.
Product specifications
Automatic Small Bag Unpacking Machine
Product parameters
Equipment model
Equipment weight
Equipment material
Carbon steel /304 stainless steel (frame and product contact parts)
Overall dimension
ca. 3376 x1723 x2822mm (Height adjustable)
Output capacity
ca.90-120bags/hr at 25kg 
Residue rate
ca. 0.1%
Material type
Powder, granule and other solid bulk materials, but without lumps and not compacted in bags
Operating voltage
Total installed power
Air source pressure
Air consumption
Applicable bag properties
Bag construction
Pillow style packing bag, the sealing shape and material unlimited
Maximum bag size
Applicable bag weight


Note: Customized product. Adjustable according to customized system. Depends on the size and structure of the bag, the free flowability of the material, the proficiency of the operator
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