Ribbon Mixer
Ribbon Mixers are used for mixing powders, powder & liquid, especially for the viscous paste materials. Due to the inconvenient cleaning of viscous materials, Ribbon Mixers are mainly used in productions that request large output capacity and infrequent exchange of different materials.
Product Features
Higher efficiency and better mixing uniformity within shorter time
Stable operation without interfering weighing accuracy when in operation and no dust leaking risk
Lower energy consumption
Low speed mixing, small rise in temperature
Mixing in batches to ensure the consistency of materials
Product Introduction
Air-sealing failure alarm & pressure protection function to avoid interfering weighing accuracy when opening air seal during feeding
PTFE used in inner wall with strong corrosion resistance and prolongs cavity’s service life. Other materials such as ceramic alumina powder mixture spraying, ceramic powder spraying, ETFE, ECTFC, etc. can be used according to requirements.
Improve sealing structure of shaft seal and discharge mechanism to eliminate leaking risk of dust during operation. Adopt spiral air sealing structure to avoid replace packing frequently.
Gap between ribbons and wall is 15-20mm to realize less material residue.
Adopt symmetrical continuous ribbons ( external ribbons for conveying material to discharge outlet, inner ribbon in opposite way to form convective mixing ) to achieve higher mixing efficiency.
Product specifications
Ribbon Mixer
     Models        Barrel Shape        Motor Power        Output Speed        Dimensions(mm)  
     O type
     O type
     O type
     8000L      O type
     10000L      U type
     12000L      O type
     20000L      U type
     30000L      U type


 Note: The motor power needs to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material

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