High Efficiency Slurry Mixing System
The new high efficiency slurry mixing system adopts the powder and liquid feeding at the same time, and the narrow and long path of the dispersion chamber makes all slurry pass through the effective dispersion zone.
Product Features
Small size: small occupation height, compatibility and flexibility greatly improved
Capacity ramp-up: can be customized from 100L to 3000L, or even larger models, break through the capacity bottleneck
Smooth discharging: innovative design is adopted to solve the problems of discharging and blocking, easy overload and so on, and the performance stability is greatly improved
Better quality: product consistency is better and the applicable solid content is higher to meet the needs of high-quality battery slurry production
Energy saving and environment-friendly: lower energy consumption
Efficiency improvement: the "inevitable" slurry mixing process is adopted to reduce the number of cycles and greatly improve the slurry mixing efficiency
Product Video
Video Introduction
Product specifications
High Efficiency Slurry Mixing System

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