Small Bag Unpacking Station
It is mainly applied in small bag unpacking and material feeding. Different models are available to suit on site environment, plant layout, process and material characteristics.
Big Bag Packing Machine
Integrated Big Bag Packing Machine is used for packaging big materials with large capacity. It adopts vertical cantilever integrated design and integrates functions of automatic peeling, bag inflating, spiral feeding, sampling, metering, double-check,vibration, heat sealing, automatic conveying, etc.
Low Speed Kettle Dryer
The dryer adopts traditional hot oil heating method to dry material while stirring it. Fast drying and higher efficiency are achieved since water boiling point is lower and evaporation is faster in high vacuum environment.The low speed stirring prevents the pellet from colliding and crushing each other that may lead to coating breakage and higher shatter rate. It is more suitable for battery raw material production.
Big Bag Unpacking Station
It is mainly used for unpacking and unloading the material packed in a big bag. The big bag is lifted to the rack with an electric hoist, and the discharge port under the big bag is manually opened. Material falls by gravity into the silo. Different models are available according to working conditions, plant layout, process and material properties on site.
Paddle Mixer
It is mainly used for mixing powder or powder adding a small amount of liquid. It solves the problems of low uniformity and dead angle caused by different specific gravity of materials. When the equipment is running, the paddle moves the material to the entire vessel space, so that the material is in an instant weightless state, widely interlaced with convection and diffusion,so as to achieve a uniform mixing effect. It’s also called a gravity-free mixer
Small Bag Unpacking Station
It is mainly for lengthwise small bag unpacking. Operator manually loads the bag widthwise and tidies up the bag with a tidyingroll. Then a clamping device turns the bag by 90° and a knift cuts the bag open. Material falls into the tank by gravity and ion wind. Emptied bag is sucted to a screw conveyor and conveyed to a collecting bin.