Low Speed Kettle Dryer
The dryer adopts traditional hot oil heating method to dry material while stirring it. Fast drying and higher efficiency are achieved since water boiling point is lower and evaporation is faster in high vacuum environment.The low speed stirring prevents the pellet from colliding and crushing each other that may lead to coating breakage and higher shatter rate. It is more suitable for battery raw material production.
Product Features
Closed kettle brings a dry vacuum environment to avoid dust or toxin leakage
Low speed stirring ensures lower shatter rate
Complete discharge with low residue
Strong adaptibility with adjustable parameters to suit different production demands
Stable and temperature adjustable
Clean production without dust leakage
Intelligent control to reduce manual intervention
Product Video
Video Introduction
Product Introduction
Optimized by simulation, the stirring paddle moves central material downward and material at the bottom and near the vessel wall upward to ensure uniform heating and better stirring effect.
The 3-leaf paddle is densely distributed with pressure vent hole to prevent material covering the paddle and increase motor loading. Depressurization process will not affect the stirring. Self-adjusting scrapping device and evolvent scrapper collaborate to ensure complete material discharge.
The kettle and hot oil channel lining are made of high heat conductive ceramic according to pressure vessel standard to ensure both high heat exchage and risk-proof of metal pollution. The bee hive structure of the hot oil channel ensures enough strength.
Outlet with proprietary design brings better sealing. A blowing nozzle ensures the plane of the sealing is clean after material discharged.
The hot oil deflector at the bottom and along the side wall adopts optimized channel to ensure high flow velocity and turbulance and higher heat exchange rate. An oil inflation and circulation pressure detector are used to avoid damage to equipment in any accident.
Product specifications
Low Speed Kettle Dryer
     Item      Parameter
     LxWxH (mm)
    Rated Power
     TNS 380VAC/50Hz,121.5KW
     Hot Oil Feeding
     Pressure: within 6bar, Flow Rate: 35L/min
     Outlet Temp. : 30°~300° (Adjustable)
     Outlet Oil Pressure: 0.2Mpa
     Max. vacuum: -97KPa
    Air-solid separator Heat Cable Temp.
    Condensed Water Temp.
     DN250 / Connected by Flange(PN10)


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