High Gravity Material Dispense Mixer
The High Gravity Material Dispense Mixer is used to mix and disperse a variety of ceramic, ferromagnetic, powder metallurgical, chemical catalyst, and other high specific gravity, simple to precipitate, high hardness raw materials. This equipment includes an anchor paddle and a box paddle, and operates in the "high speed dispersion - low speed discharge" mode, allowing the material to roll over in three dimensions and improving the mixing effect.
Product Features
Use the “high speed dispersion - low speed discharge” operation mode to achieve high mixing
With Stable performance, less blockage caused by local settlement of materials and other failures
Patented structure design to ensure thorough discharge, no dead angle on discharge port making residue on the discharge
Energy conservation
Hygienic and easy-cleaning, Improved paddle connection structure, discharge port, seals, to satisfy food-grade hygiene requirements
Flexible design can be customized according to customer requirements
Product Video
Video Introduction
Product Introduction
Scrapped structure with self-adaptive function and spoiler role, under the action of material resistance, always maintain the wall action, to reduce
Patented design of convex top for discharge valve to ensure discharge more thorough.
Standard three-blade paddle adopted in double-stage dispersion, high-speed dispersion and depolymerization performance maintained; special design to reduce the material spalsh when discharging.
The paddle adopts the patented design of open hinge with three points of contact, practical and hygienic, meets food-grade sanitation standards.
It adopts bi-directional sealing system that is better suited for vacuum degassing and air bubble removal for solid-liquid phase dispersion and mixing.
Product specifications
High Gravity Material Dispense Mixer
     Item      Parameters      Note
     Rated Power
     TNS 380VAC/50Hz ≯37Kw
     About 30kW▪h
     Foundation Criteria
     Compressed Air Criteria
     6bar 100NL/batch
     Without a diaphragm pump, only for controlling
     valves such as inlet and outlet
     Washing Water Criteria
     3bar 15NL/batch
     Allow a small amount of liquid phase solvent to be
     set aside for flushing after the powder is fed.
     No harmful impurities should be introduced
     Production time/ Batch ≤10min
     Except special processes and materials
     Measurement Range
     ≤5 Tons, Precision C3


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