Multi-components Suction and Weighing Scale
As an ONGOAL proprietary patent product, the Multi-components Suction and Weighing Scale integrates suction, dosing, weighing and conveying for powder and pellets. The system employs automatic cycle control and uses negative pressure to suct material to storage bin while weighing it. It can dose up to 24 different kinds of material simultaneously.
Product Features
Precise weighing: unique negative pressure balancing to minimize its impact on weighing precision
Economical: one equipment to meter multiple material, saving both space and investment
Dust-free: closed negative pressure conveying prevents dust leakage for dustless operations
Versatile: conveying and metering of most powder and pellets for various industries
Flexible: customization to suit unique demands
Product Video
Video Introduction
Product Introduction
Three speed regulation to ensure efficiency and no impact on precision.
It can connect with multiple storage bin. The 5/8 standard inlets allow up to 24 material dosing and weighing
Product specifications
Multi-components Suction and Weighing Scale
     Model      Effective Volume      Material Inlet      Inlet Quantity      Code
     LJLD1400-1000      1000
     LJLD1700-2000      2000


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