Dual Planetary Mixer
Used for mixing, homogenization and dispersing of powder and liquid materials. The dispersing disc and stirring paddle realize revolution and rotation simultaneosly. The speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter. The special mixing method makes the materials strongly dispersed and pressed to ensure materials fully dispersed and mixed.
High Efficiency Slurry Mixing System
The new high efficiency slurry mixing system adopts the powder and liquid feeding at the same time, and the narrow and long path of the dispersion chamber makes all slurry pass through the effective dispersion zone.
Twin-screw Continuous Slurry Mixer
As the core of the twin-screw slurry mixing system, it adopts a continuous slurry mixing process to help improve the consistency and stability of lithium batteries. The equipment adopts modular twin-screw structure, integrating conveying, mixing, dispersing and exhausting in one, which can realize free collocation of functions and satisfies the demand of different working conditions to solve the problem of cost and energy loss caused by a single limited function.
Ribbon Mixer
Ribbon mixer is used for mixing powders, powder & liquid, especially for the viscous paste materials or high gravity material. Because of the difficulty of cleaning viscous materials, it is more suitable for the occasion of large output and infrequent change of varieties.
Ploughshare Mixer
Ploughshare mixer is mainly used for high-efficiency mixing of powder. The stirring shaft is fixed on the horizontal drive shaft by a bracket and rotates along the wall to make the materials diffuse and shear with each other and achieve better mixing efficiency.
Rod-pin Sand Mill
SHB series rod-pin sand mill is a professional grinding equipment developed by ONGOAL for battery materials. It adopts rod-pin structure with high energy density, fully automatic dosing system to ensure continuous production of grinding, providing continuously high efficiency nano grinding.
Automatic Small Bag Unpacking Machine
The small bag unpacking machine is mainly used for the automatic unpacking of small bags of materials weighing around 25kg, enabling automatic and continuous production. It boasts advantages such as low residue rate, no dust overflow, and efficient operation, making it suitable for batch automatic unpacking and unloading requirements in various industries.
Semi-auto Iron Remover
The semiautomatic iron remover is mainly used to eliminate magnetic impurities from slurries. It is connected in line with the slurry pipeline, and when in use, the slurry flows through the interior of the iron remover. Using a high-intensity 12,000 Gauss magnetic rod effectively removes magnetic impurities from the slurry.
Jet Mill
LQM series jet mill is a professional crushing equipment developed by ONGOAL for the characteristics of battery materials, with high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, concentrated particle size distribution and no pollution, which is perfectly suited for the production of battery materials.
Fully Automatic Big Bag Unpacking Machine
High Gravity Material Dispense Mixer
The High Gravity Material Dispense Mixer is used to mix and disperse a variety of ceramic, ferromagnetic, powder metallurgical, chemical catalyst, and other high specific gravity, simple to precipitate, high hardness raw materials. This equipment includes an anchor paddle and a box paddle, and operates in the "high speed dispersion - low speed discharge" mode, allowing the material to roll over in three dimensions and improving the mixing effect.
Multi-components Suction and Weighing Scale
As an ONGOAL proprietary patent product, the Multi-components Suction and Weighing Scale integrates suction, dosing, weighing and conveying for powder and pellets. The system employs automatic cycle control and uses negative pressure to suct material to storage bin while weighing it. It can dose up to 24 different kinds of material simultaneously.