Big Bag Packing Machine
Integrated Big Bag Packing Machine is used for packaging big materials with large capacity. It adopts vertical cantilever integrated design and integrates functions of automatic peeling, bag inflating, spiral feeding, sampling, metering, double-check,vibration, heat sealing, automatic conveying, etc.
Product Features
Integrated functions to save space and to reduce energy consumption
Superior dust control to reduce risk of pipeline block and dust leakage
Functions of automatic lifting, sampling and decoupling to reduce labor intensity and risk
Higher metering accuracy to increase packaging efficiency
Operating condition optimized by adopting touch screen to operate simply and conveniently
Product Video
Video Introduction
Product Introduction
Adopt airbag clamping system to eliminate safety hazards. Automatic decoupling of bag to reduce manual intervention.
Equipped with air-solid separation device to separate falling materials from the exhaust for recycling.
Integrated dust collector with functions of bag blowing, dust removal & cleaning to improve dust removal and sealing efficiency and to avoial risk of pipeline block and dust leakage.
Horizontal Screw Feeder and Rotary Valve + Vibration Feeder for option, with functions of automatic sampling and convenient operation.
Weighing accuracy level is optional for different industries and the highest measurement accuracy can reach ±150-200g and achieve higher output efficiency.
Product specifications
Big Bag Packing Machine
     Items      Parameter
     Packing Specifications
     300~1000 kg/pack
     Packing Accuracy Class
     Packing Speed
     3-5 bags/set · h
     2400(L) x 3680(W) x 4000(H)mm
    Overall Machine Weight
     3.2 t
    Total Power
     5 kW
    Air Supply Pressure
     0.5~0.6 Mpa
    Noise Level
     < 83db(1 meter from the main engine)
    Control Mode
     PLC + touch screen (can store a variety of process data, record process data,
     provide Ethernet interface)
     The main material Q235 spray molding + carbon steel plate spray coating


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