From Grain to Bread: The Design of Food Processing

Bread, a universal staple, is the product of a meticulous transformation process that starts with humble grains and ends with delicious loaves. ONGOAL Tech’s innovative material processing solutions ensure efficiency and quality at every stage of this journey. Here’s how our ten advanced systems make the process seamless and superior.


Unpacking & Feeding System

ONGOAL Tech’s Unpacking & Feeding System handles large quantities of grains effortlessly, reducing manual labor and ensuring a steady supply for the next stages. This system guarantees that grains are fed into the processing line smoothly and without interruption.


Storage & Arch Breaking System

Utilizing the latest in material flow technology, our system prevents arching and ensures consistent feed rates, which is critical for maintaining the quality of the grain throughout the bread-making process.


Pneumatic Conveying System

This system employs advanced aeration techniques to transport grains with minimal wear and tear, preserving the structural integrity of the raw materials for superior bread quality.


Metering & Dosing System

Leveraging precise digital controls and high-accuracy sensors, our system ensures that every ingredient is measured to the exact specifications required, contributing to a consistent bread formula.


Mixing & Kneading System

Our systems are essential for the development of gluten and the hydration of the dough, resulting in better dough handling and improved bread texture. It revolutionizes bread-making with a blend of advanced technology and culinary precision. It ensures optimal dough development through variable speed controls and hydraulic shear mixing, all while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency. This smart system guarantees consistent, high-quality bread production, reflecting our commitment to innovation in food processing.


Dust Collecting System

With a focus on clean processing, our dust collection systems are equipped with high-efficiency filters that remove contaminants, contributing to a healthier work environment and a higher standard of product cleanliness.


Intelligent Control System

Integrating all these processes is ONGOAL Tech’s Intelligent Control System. This advanced system provides real-time monitoring and control over the entire production line, ensuring each stage operates optimally. The intelligent system enhances productivity, reduces downtime, and ensures the consistent quality of the bread.


From grain to bread, each step of the process is crucial for ensuring quality and efficiency. ONGOAL Tech’s comprehensive systems make this transformation seamless, optimizing each stage with advanced technology. By integrating ONGOAL Tech’s solutions, bread manufacturers can achieve superior productivity, consistency, and quality, bringing the best possible products to consumers.


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