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Power batteries are a crucial component of the electrical vehicle industry chain. As the primary power source for EVs, they are expected to account for 30% to 40% of the total vehicle cost, playing a significant role in the healthy development of the entire industry chain.


According to estimates from GGII (Gaogong Industry Institute), global power battery shipments are projected to reach 1730 GWh by 2025 and potentially 3000 GWh by 2030.


ONGOAL TECH offers a full life-cycle solution for batteries, encompassing the entire process from battery material manufacturing and slurry preparation to battery recycling. Leveraging our deep understanding of the upstream and downstream processes in battery production, we create efficient and intelligent production workflows for battery manufacturers, maximizing overall production efficiency.


Battery Materials: Innovative Processes


Battery material production is characterized by single product, process manufacturing, mass production, and equipment-centric industry attributes, involving multiple processes such as mixing, coating, and sintering. Ensuring coordination and overall consistency among these processes is a major challenge.


Since its establishment, ONGOAL TECH has positioned itself as a comprehensive material processing service provider, offering full-line solutions for anode and cathode materials from process design and auxiliary engineering design to the development of core equipment and customized intelligent control systems.


With extensive project experience in lithium battery anode and cathode materials, our integrated solutions encompass not only traditional battery materials such as lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, and graphite but also emerging lithium battery material technologies such as lithium manganese iron phosphate, lithium-rich manganese oxide, sodium-ion, silicon oxide anodes, silicon-carbon anodes, and hard carbon anodes, meeting the needs of continuous optimization and iteration in the industry.


Battery Slurry: Efficient and Intelligent Manufacturing


The battery slurry preparation stage directly impacts the performance, cost, and quality of the battery products, making it a critical phase in battery production. High-quality slurry processes will effectively enhance the stability and lifespan of batteries.


With the rapid development of Evs and renewable energy, battery technology continues to innovate. Whether it's dual planetary mixers, new high-efficiency slurry mixing systems, or twin-screw slurry mixing systems, ONGOAL TECH offers a range of slurry equipment and technologies that adapt to various materials and products, helping customers produce all kinds of battery products quickly and reliably.


Our production lines feature a high degree of automation and intelligent management systems, ensuring maximum production efficiency and product quality stability.


Battery Recycling: Completing the Loop


The recycling of used power batteries after their secondary use holds significant economic and ecological value. Leveraging our expertise in processes applicable to most production flows and the deep utilization of ONGOAL TECH equipment in the battery recycling industry, we assist customers in developing or adjusting battery recycling processes, offering highly flexible configurations and broad compatibility.


The crushing and sorting of battery cell electrodes are key steps in battery regeneration. We employ advanced crushing, decomposition, and refining treatments for the recycled battery cell electrodes, featuring enclosed dust-free production processes and highly automated, safe, and efficient designs, ensuring excellent production efficiency and quality.


In our recycling solutions, the concepts of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, quality assurance, and ecological closed-loop are consistently integrated. As a member of the battery industry chain, ONGOAL TECH continues to undertake comprehensive and deep planning, from anode and cathode materials, battery slurry to power battery recycling, empowering green, clean, and sustainable economic development.

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