Unpacking and Feeding 25kg Calcium Powder: A Simple Guide

During the unpacking of calcium powder, the traditional manual method comes with several drawbacks. Workers must manually open or cut the bags and transport the material to the mixing silo or reactor. This process is physically taxing and generates considerable dust, which can be hazardous to workers' health and detrimental to production efficiency.


ONGOAL TECH automatic bag unpacking and feeding system offers a solution to these issues. Our system minimizes manual labor and focuses on sustainable production, enhancing both precision and efficiency. It consists of an automatic bag unpacking system and feeding, weighing, dosing system, which provides customer one-stop solutions.


ONGOAL automated bag unloading system is equipped with a scanning device and a touch-sensitive control panel, which together ensure the accuracy of the feeding process and prevent any feeding errors. The hopper is safeguarded by a screen mesh design that effectively bars the entry of any foreign objects. For enhanced integration, an optional feature allows the machine to interface directly with the plant's storage system, facilitating smarter inventory management. Additionally, the system includes a compressed air filtration and backflushing mechanism to minimize the loss of materials during the unloading process.


Based on well-established scientific principles and has been thoroughly tested to ensure complete unloading. The separation system within each bag opening chamber is tailored to the user's specific bag specifications and material properties, ensuring efficient and residue-free operation. This level of reliability is a testament to our designers' extensive knowledge of bag opening technology, instilling confidence in our users.


For the transportation of bulk materials post-bag opening, we often equip the automatic bag opener with a range of conveying devices, including screw conveyors and pneumatic conveying systems. These operate within sealed pipelines for dust-free and environmentally friendly transportation. The pipe chain conveyor, in particular, is designed to move material forward with a moving chain that drives discs, facilitating precise feeding tasks and accommodating complex production routes, including horizontal, vertical, and curved paths, thus significantly enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of complex production processes.


ONGOAL TECH provides more than just equipment; we offer a customized solution. Recognizing the unique needs of each customer, we are committed to collaborating closely to design and manufacture the most suitable bag opening and feeding system. We invite interested companies to get in touch with us to discuss how to enhance production efficiency and create a more optimized working environment.

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